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  Welcome to the world of AikiDroid! AikiDroid is an educational and fund-raising effort of the Glen Ellyn Aikido Club combining the martial art of Aikido and Android technology. Aikido Library is not intended to teach Aikido. Rather, it is an extremely convenient way to review Aikido techniques in order to associate them with their correct names. In other words, it is meant to help Aikido students study more efficiently off the mat, so they will spend their time on the mat learning the things they can only learn in class.

Aikido Library consists of various interactive pages that contain lists of Aikido techniques or terms. These lists contain links to videos and term definitions. By tapping on any column heading, you can sort lists by Japanese terms, attack names, technique names, etc. All videos have a regular speed version, as well as a slow motion version. The term definition pages may themselves contain links or images explaining concepts in even greater depth. As time goes on, the full version of Aikido Library will continue to be enhanced and expanded with more videos, images and definitions. If you have suggestions, including particular techniques you would like to see, please email us at

AikiDroid videos are made for easy downloading and playing. To this purpose, they are edited to have no wasted time at the beginning or end, and usually show only one style – even though there are usually more styles that are commonly used. Our videos are also black and white, and without sound to keep file sizes to a minimum. Furthermore, depending on your operating system, no sound means that you can continue to listen to music or podcasts without interruption.
If you appreciate the effort spent on this application or would just like to support our dojo, you can purchase other AikiDroid applications, or visit and donate directly.

The test review technique lists are based off the official United States Aikido Federation testing requirements. If the techniques listed, or styles of the techniques differ from what is normally taught at your dojo, we at AikiDroid hope our application can still prove useful.

For those who are not currently studying Aikido, you are welcome to view the videos in this application and get a taste of what Aikido is like. Aikido is often called the 'Martial Art of Peace' and you may notice that the attacker is either thrown or pinned rather than struck. This is a physical demonstration of Aikido’s intent to quell violence rather than be an instrument of retaliation.

The only way to learn Aikido is by practicing the art. There are Aikido dojo all over the world. In the United States, the best place to start your search would be at the United States Aikido Federation Dojo Search Page. Otherwise you can start by going to the International Aikido Federation website.